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    Developing Inner Resources for
    Self-Leadership & Inner Soul 

    I offer Creative Mindfulness sessions for groups, staff, professionals, families and communities. My  work with Alamandria has me 
    facilitating self-mastery, mindfulness and meditation workshops, retreats and programmes for corporate leadership teams, conference attendees, prison inmates and the general public.


    I also offer one-to-one Alamandria Soul Nourishment sessions – guiding individuals to creative pathways of self-development – cultivating self-leadership, soul care and self-nourishment. I create unique creative pathways for each client using movement, colour, creative exercises, verses, poetry and more. I have developed a unique series of apperception cards that I use as a way of working with themes such as Courage, Letting Go, Boundaries, Protection and Positivity. 

    Apperception derives from the Latin ‘to perceive’ – working in this way is really about making the unconscious conscious. I have used these card sets in group work and with individual clients as a means to deepen one’s relationship to a particular theme. The chosen card can become like a visual talisman that resonates long after a session is over.


    Emily Fletcher from Alamandria regularly conducts creative mindfulness sessions for our staff here in Newtown. These sessions are always eagerly anticipated and well attended. Each one has a different focus and Emily takes us to a peaceful, creative oasis where we can take some time out to re-energise our minds. Emily creates a welcoming physical space in our seminar room using items from nature and sometimes her own art. This encourages us to enter a creative and meditative world. We always leave the sessions with a feeling of achievement – not in the usual “I have ticked off tasks” way - but at a much deeper and personally meaningful level.

    Mary SinclairJones

    HR Manager, Mary Potter Hospice 


    Last year I had the opportunity of working with Emily, primarily using soft pastels to experience and explore the relationships and nuances of colour to where I found myself at that time. 

    What a world opened up on so many levels! 

    Emily's graceful presence which accompanied my processes with such sensitivity, allowed an unfolding of discovery, not previously imagined, in a safe and supportive way. I left every session with something new in my kete.

    Now nearly a year on, I look at and respond to colour, to nature, to finding a place for my experiences, completely differently.  I see and respond with new eyes and new understandings.