'I AWOKE' is a poem that speaks of the appreciation & abundance of creative life, the honouring of the journey into knowing oneself ... and  ultimately the letting go of earthly life with the crossing of the threshold. 


I awoke

Filled with desire and passion

And overflowing with boundless

Plentiful, inexhaustible love

For you and me

And for every one of natures blessed creatures Trees, earth and sky

All that sings

Swarming and thronging

With life’s harmonic melodies.

And after gorging on this love

Stuffed and full to my very core

My heart of being

Brimming and abundant with spirit light –Creates.


And when you look

I pray that you see into the imagination of it And feel it move you

From the deepest parts of your being

Within and without



Pushing you beyond your gates

Into the wilderness.


At night I find solitude

When the crescent moon shines

Through an indigo sky.

In the quiet stillness of now

I know myself.

When the murky shadows

And spider beings

Weave in and around my house

I am not afraid.

I think of the exalted Rose

That has given itself

Selflessly and utterly

To spirit sun.



Whilst others sit and play

I burn like a fire

My wood; the earthly body.

The air I breathe & burning light

I take deeply

Into the spirit of matter.

One day, near or far from now

There will come a time

When my body has been used up

To the last drop.

All vigour and vitality spent in my explorations

My wanderings into the dark crevices

And beautiful palaces of my being.

The monuments have been erected

To each moment

Fleeting, lingering

Wondrous happenings

Evanescent bliss and

Enduring tenderness.

Anguish too in not trusting

Ultimately trust in finding.

This exhaustive, brimming life

Burning, bursting

With all there is to embrace with wonder

Within the remarkable depths of my being.


Now the threshold

Between earth and spirit

Is water thin

And just as transparent.

The waves no longer crash upon my shore

But rather, lap gently


On the warm dunes of my heart

As I slip away next door.

I will miss your shining eyes my love

But I am grateful too

That I have lived into a thousand moments of light Warm, enriching golden light.


And when you see my body

A gaunt ruin it will be

Bleak & desolate

Like a forgotten temple

That silently echoes my spirit glow.

You will then know I have set sail

The wind of ether light

Carries me elsewhere

Where earthly eyes no longer see

But spirit heart knows.