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Meditation Seals

I created this series of seals entitled Awakening – and the hand-bound book to house them in – as a way of cultivating​ meditative and imaginative capacities within the viewer. Each seal metamorphoses into the next and it is in the 'in-between' stage that the observer is required to envision (in their minds eye) the living, moving form in motion


This can awaken latent capacities within us, not only because of the will it requires to persevere with the creation of such an imagination but because of the imagination itself. A school teacher friend once said to me – 'the students are losing their ability to imagine!' Exercises such as these (away from sophisticated online digital imagery) are becoming ever more important.

I found that the seals were beautiful works of art in themselves and so created some Alamandria postcards in a marketing campaign – that people could perforate off the back cover of a magazine – and I also 'gave' one to a client for their AGM brochure and pamphlet.

Awakening Series_1b.jpg
Awakening Series_2b.jpg
Awakening Seals.jpg
Awakening 1.jpg
Awakening 3.tif
Awakening 6.jpg
Awakening 8.jpg
Awakening 4.jpg
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