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    In this interview Amanda of The Mystic Discoveries podcast asks Emily to give some background to the impulses, key moments and events that have shaped her life and who she is. Emily describes the formative aspects of her personal, artistic and professional life and how these have been shaped and informed by her spiritual striving; of finding Anthroposophy, the works of Rudolf Steiner, and her co-founding of Alamandria – The Art of Self-Mastery, Mindfulness and Meditation. 

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    For a long time I have been interested in the healing power of my surroundings and my self-curated personal environment – at home, in the office and in my studio. Whether I have only a small space to work with or an entire room, I carefully choose objects and create altar-like settings – placing special objects that speak to me of something beautiful, holy, contemplative and noble. These altars or contemplative settings have provided succour in times of busyness & stress enabling a more immediate pathway into my inner self after a busy day. What I speak of is something very different to interior fashion & style and is initiated from an authentic place within that consciously chooses items of meaning & resonance to uplift and revivify. A picture can be a meditation, an object can be a talisman, a candle can be lit as a daily ritual and a nature object can speak of our connection to the infinite wisdom that lives in the animal, plant and mineral kingdom. We can create these spaces in small & large ways depending on the space available to us. Even a written out verse or carefully chosen image by our computer at work can bring meaning & comfort to a utilitarian environment and ameliorate a space that is otherwise out of our control – bringing us peace and encouragement.

    The above photos are from the series Spirit of Place – taken of my home & studio by photographer & friend Catherine Adam.


    For a recent Creative Mindfulness Session for staff at the Mary Potter Hospice in Newtown I chose to work with the theme of ‘Letting Go’. I used this image of the Dying Lily as a discussion tool as it provides an incredible archetype of what ‘Letting Go’ actually is. Take a moment and observe this picture for yourself and allow it to speak to you – it is a remarkable meditation!

    In nature once the beautiful lily completely falls away a seed pod is formed containing a bountiful supply of seeds (which are the two pods in the left picture). This cycle lives inwardly in our own soul lives – the blooming, the letting go and the seeds of new experiences to come. I have added an image of the artist Georgia O’Keefe because she too shows a wonderful archetype of letting go – aging with grace and dignity on the outside whilst sustaining a creatively rich inner life


    For over a decade now I have bought stems of lilies and I have kept them throughout their entire dying away process – using them as objects of contemplation. Which is how I came to photograph this spectacular stem! Great life secrets are revealed when we take the time to observe this kind of living & dying phenomenon