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Working with themes such as Courage, Letting Go, Boundaries, Protection and Positivity.
Apperception Cards

I was inspired to create these thematic apperception* card-sets 
whilst working on my current series of paintings called  The Sacred Grove | Te Uru Tapu.


I use these card sets in group work and with individual clients as a means to deepen one’s relationship to a particular theme. The chosen card can become like a visual talisman that resonates long after a session is over.

The bottom four images show the cards being used during a Creative Mindfulness Session with the staff at the Mary Potter Hospice in Newtown and during one of our Alamandria Creative Mindfulness Workshops.

*Apperception derives from the Latin ‘to perceive’ – working in this way is about making the unconscious conscious.

Apperception Cards 3.jpg
Apperception Cards 2.jpg
MPH 1.jpg
MPH 2.jpg
HG 1.jpg
HG 2.jpg
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