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Mandala Making

When I think of the ultimate interactive then this is it! Mandala making is one of the most natural learning tools – it teaches one stillness, observation, letting go, well-being, being present in the moment and is a reminder that everyone can be creative. I have also had experiences whereby I have created a mandala and when I returned to the same spot the next day someone else had added to it – it became a community creation!

My Alamandria colleague and I sometimes create one together as our own personal 'team building' and participants on our retreats often create these as a pathway into inner reflection – reconnecting with Mother Nature.

And when it hasn't been possible to go outside then a large sheet of white paper and chalk pastels have provided an excellent opportunity to create  mindfully and in silence as a group.

Em Mandala.jpg
Em Collecting Acorns.JPG
Nature Mandalas.jpg
Nature Mandala.jpg
Amelie Mandala 1.jpg
Amelie Mandala 2.jpg
FB#3 TORA.jpg
FB 1 TORA.jpg
Mark Mandala 1.jpg
Tora Mandala 2.jpg
Tora Mandala 3.jpg
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