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    Information on my  first limited edition
    'I AWOKE' poem can be viewed here. My small book of selected poems 'TRIBUTE' is currently being completed. My dear friend and Alamandria colleague Mark kindly wrote the preface for me:



    I first met Emily, then a design student at Massey University, when I worked there as a lecturer, many years ago. It did not take long for me to realise an intrinsic depth of character that lay within her, one that informed a striving perfectionism and desire to understand the deeper, more numinous aspects of life. In the company of others she reveals an effervescent vivaciousness that charms people through her intelligence and wonderful humour. However, in more private situations, there are times when a deep sadness and inner loneliness speak of the challenges that are faced on a spiritual path. Meditation is a foundation that nourishes and illumines her wide-ranging creative pursuits. Whether through painting, poetry or storytelling, they all serve a means to express her biographical transformation and awakening spiritual insight. The following poems offer fragments from her personal notebooks that may engender hope and courage for those who are also on a path of self-discovery and transpersonal awakening.


    There are no ancient ruins here

    Only a landscape informed

    By a more profane muse.

    Mausoleums lay claim

    To the road side.

    I imagine a temple

    On a hill top

    Shining, brilliant gold

    In the distance

    Resplendant in the sun

    After the storm.

    A spire touching the sky

    Where light streams upwards

    Reminding me of home.



    I arrived here 

    Intentions already made

    Undone deeds lay before me

    In a formidable expanse

    A terrain of steep mountain passes

    And desert lands burnt by the heat.

    At first I did not see 

    The lakeshore and the still turquoise waters.

    I woke up slowly

    Yet definitely


    To that quiet, clear place, within.

    Not flawlessly, mind you

    Ignoble in my letting go

    Yearnings lamented in a thousand grievous ways

    Groping, ungraciously in the darkness

    For what might have been.

    I bared witness to this grasping,
    And loneliness swelled, surged and inflamed my heart
    Deep moaning like a thunder roll, vociferated in revolt;

    Stop now

    Enough now

    Let me rest here!

    Yet rest I cannot.

    I remembered my solemn oath

    My splendid, terrifying pledge

    To you, to me, to them.

    And I wept with the honour of it all

    With my love for the world.

    And when the tears had dried

    And my body had straightened once more 

    Answers came, through the stillness

    Spoken clearly through my Spirit I

    With the entreaty

    Keep going,

    This is the way!

    So now I forge ahead, 

    Like many have done before me.

    Their mightiness forms a crest, on my breast,
    Of indomitable courage. 

    And you, my love, you are a figurehead on my grand ship,

    Your steadfast gaze becomes a numinous talisman

    For my journey bound.

    And when the lightening strikes,

    When the tempest flares and burns the sky

    And the wind and rain whips my face

    With a million bitter lashings

    I will cry out, 

    Unshakable, into the fury

    Come to me

    Come to me!

    I am ready.