I did a very special photoshoot with photographer Catherine Cattanach  prior to my exhibition - a visual ode to the rose. This top photo, which I used for my exhibition booklet, captures my reverence and devotion for this numinous flower – which unreservedly extends to all of mother nature too!  Beholding an object of beauty, like a  rose, can help us cultivate feelings of reverence, awe and wonder.

Far from being just symbols of femininity and romance, roses can teach us something about ourselves. When we see the rose in nature, we observe how it gives of itself to the world – selflessly and utterly. It blooms for everyone with equal measure, expressing itself innately and without reserve. In a meditation one can imagine ones heart becoming like a rose – opening and offering its beauty to others - blossoming gently, authentically and free from judgement.

Emily with Rose
Emily with Rose 3.jpg
Emily with Rose 4.jpg
Emily with Rose 2.jpg